Zürich Hash House Harriers are proud to announce our sparkling shiny new Swiss Nash Hash 2019 and we would feel so rich if we could count on your precious presence for this event.

We will be thrilled to welcome you in our classy first class abode (hash terms apply)

When: 30.08.2019 - 01.09.2019
Where: Adonia Kurs und Ferienzentrum
Gländstrasse 9b
4803 Vordemwald

Where is this exactly and how can I get there?

You don't have to be wealthy to be our guest.

For the measly prices quoted below, we will provide you with spacious and comfortable lodgings, first class cuisine, exclusive trails, entertainment, and a never-ending source of the finest alcoholic drinks

(Google translation: you will get a bunk bed, some grub, an opportunity to get lost in the forest and as much beer as you can drink)

Early Bird:CHF 155.00sign up by 31.12.2018
Middle Rego:CHF 170.00sign up by 30.04.3019
DFL Rego:CHF 185.00sign up after 01.05.2019

To secure one of the much coveted and limited spaces, sign up right now. Want to know how to pay?

See who's coming.