Who's coming?

1Granny Mufffrom ZH3Paid
2West Down Therefrom ZH3Paid
3Sticky Fingersfrom ZH3Paid
4Weapon of Ass Destructionfrom ZH3Paid
5Schogginatrixfrom Zurich H3Paid
6Squatty Pottyfrom Zurich H3Paid
7Out Of Africafrom Basel H3Paid
8MerylStripfrom Basel H3Paid

Waiting List

Wet&Readyfrom Z├╝rich H3Not paid
Tall Ballsfrom ZH3Not paid
Wranglerfrom FrankfurtNot paid
Canada wetfrom Zh3Not paid
Groin Biterfrom DIVANot paid
Bubbles from Bergen H3Not paid
Slippery Digitfrom Zurich H3Not paid
Moose Diver from Schaffhausen H3 Not paid
Likk'mmfrom B.I.T.CH H3Not paid
Levrettefrom Riviera H3Not paid
BareFiets from Bern & Fribourg Not paid
Romeofrom Bern & FribourgNot paid
Come ever timefrom Bergen, NorwayNot paid
MeMefrom WSH3Not paid
NFHM Jofrom WSH3Not paid
Iron Ladyfrom RivieraNot paid
Johnny Afrom Schaffhausen H3Not paid
ZipDenLegsfrom Wessex Not paid
prick searcherfrom KH3Not paid
19 hashers registered but not paid