SNH2017 Payment Details

You are not considered registered until your payment is received. Until that time you will be on the waiting list. Please note that the registration cost is based upon when you pay, not when you register.

RegoPayment receivedPrice
Early Birdby February 28th 2017175 CHF
Regular Priceby May 31th 2017200 CHF
Late Cummerby August 15th 2017225 CHF
Slow Fartafter August 15th or on the door250 CHF
Supplement for double room25 CHF per person
Kids (4 years old or older)50% reduction

Bank transfer information

Please make a note (under details or remarks) of: your hash name, plus any others you are paying for AND that the payment is for SNH2017.

Please also make sure all charges are taken out from your side (meaning SNH2017 should receive the full registration fee - not less any bank charges).

Account holder:Basel Hash House Harriers
Address:Zelglistrasse 5, 5417 Untersiggenthal
IBAN:CH68 0077 0253 7000 0200 1
SWIFT Address (BIC):BKBBCHBB (Basel Kantonalbank, 4002 Basel)

Cash payments

Accepted if you find a SNH2017 organizing committee member or other Swiss hasher who's willing to take your money to Switzerland and pass it on in person or via a bank transfer.

Trouble with the bank transfer?

Please contact us.