BooBoo and the Princess run for Health!

Chrissy Fries and Lisa Fries Anderson

The Nike Women's Marathon '07

A race for the benefit of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
San Francisco, CaliforniaOctober 21 2007

In Memory of

Grandma K.
Donald Skipper Jay MaryAnn
Cioci Jo B. Uncle Red Uncle Richard
Neal Belcourt
and Colin Munro

for the benefit of Sangha Farm

OK, so Lisa calls me up one day and says, "Hey Chrissy, wanna run a marathon?" I say, "Wadda ya nuts?" and she says "You get a Tiffany necklace at the end!!" I say, "that's 26 miles!!!" She says, "YUP! We can do it, and Mom and Dad will be there with the double wide wheelchair at the end, and did I mention the Tiffany necklace!?"

So here we are, end of September running our miles and sharing our running stories, trials and tribulations, wearing out sneakers and talking about this or that article in "Runners World"! Did you know about spandex and Bodyglide, gel shots (not that kind!), and the best yet "I only have to do 13 miles this week!!!"?

Who would have thought it......

OK, the point of all this?

We would like to make a positive impact with our efforts and have chosen to support the Sangha Farm, which is a family farm in Massachusetts run by our cousin Maribeth. The mission of my cousin and her family to bring health to people by providing quality food products grown by herself and husband. We all share the belief that health starts at the source, with what we eat, and that cancer and illness may be prevented by a healthy diet. Good food, straight from the earth.

We welcome any and every contribution from one cent to any number of dollars per mile. You can sponsor Chrissy or Lisa or both using the form on the next page. After we have completed the marathon, we'll send you the photos of us in the wheelchair with our Tiffany necklaces and then you can pay either through the PayPal account or by sending a check to the address on the Sangha Farm website.

If you would like to sponsor click on