BerZuBa 2017

Who's coming?


1TailGatefrom Bern/BerZuBa H3Paid
2aMnesiafrom Bern H3Paid
3Wet&Readyfrom Zürich H3Paid
4MerylStripfrom Basel H3Paid
5STTTfrom Munich H3Paid
6Out of Africafrom Basel H3Paid
7BooBoofrom DIVAhhhPaid
8Teacher's Petfrom Sembach HHHPaid
9Just Leonfrom Bern H3Paid
10Dr. NOBfrom SH3Paid
11Johnny Afrom Schaffhausen H3Paid
12Big Dirty Ratfrom Fribourg and BernPaid
13Gone Arrears from Bern Paid
14Hanseatic Slutfrom Frankfurt H3Paid
15Forest Humpfrom ZH3Paid
16Bodylanguagefrom CHFH3Paid
17Bend over Barbiefrom StuttgartPaid
18Shut up & Bend overfrom DivaPaid
19Mr Scumfrom ZürichPaid
20Slot Machinefrom C.R.A.P. H3Paid
21Flash in the pansfrom ZürichPaid
22Squatty Pottyfrom Zurich H3Paid
23Canada Wetfrom ZH3Paid
24BeerBrafrom BerZuBa H3Paid
25Maßfrom Sembach H3Paid
26Slippery Digitfrom Zurich H3Paid
27You say Penis, I say Potawto from Sembach h3Paid
28Thirsty Thursdayfrom ZH3Paid
29Cumming numbfrom DIVAPaid
30Ice Holefrom FH3Paid
31Putin My Sister from Sembach H3Paid
32MeMefrom B3H3Paid
33Roundhouse Panty Dropperfrom WRH3Paid
34Romeofrom Bern HHHPaid
35Chainsawfrom ZurichPaid
36Squeaky Queenfrom Sembach H3Paid
37PInk Pantherfrom BMPH3Paid
38Just Janfrom BMPH3Paid
39Cowpokerfrom Zurich H3Paid
40Baron Von Dopplebangerfrom Sembach Paid
41But His Nutfrom Sembach HHHPaid
42Better Laid Than Neverfrom Sembach HHHPaid

Waiting list

43Justfrom WRH3Paid