BerZuBa 2014

Who's coming?


1Wet&Readyfrom Zürich H3Paid
2TailGatefrom Bern/BerZuBa/DIVAPaid
3BooBoofrom DIVAhhhPaid
4aMnesiafrom Bern HHHPaid
5Out of Africafrom Basel H3Paid
6Meryl Stripfrom Basel H3Paid
7Teacher's Petfrom SembachPaid
8Belches with Wolvesfrom Zurich H3Paid
9Vulva Las Vegasfrom Zurich H3Paid
10Eye of the tigerfrom SchaffhausenPaid
11Forest Humpfrom Zurich H3Paid
12Tiger Woodyfrom Sembach HHHPaid
13Yankers Awayfrom Sembach HHHPaid
14Fishy Hookerfrom Zurich H3Paid
15Granny Mufffrom ZH3/BITCHPaid
16Wet Down Therefrom ZH3/BITCHPaid
17Johnny Afrom WSH3Paid
18Four Skinsfrom Zurich H3Paid
19easily satisfiedfrom Sembach h3Paid
20Just Rachelfrom ZH3Paid
21Big Dirty Ratfrom Fribourg H3Paid
22Balls Deepfrom Bella Napoli H3Paid
23Thirsty Thursdayfrom Zürich H3Paid
24Longshanksfrom Munich H3Paid
25LAB RAT from East Midlands H3Paid
26loveballsfrom FrankfurtPaid
27Engine Fuckerfrom FrankfurtPaid
28High 5 When I Cumfrom Sembach H3Paid
29MeMefrom MKH3Paid
30Tacos on a Bridgefrom SembachPaid
31Scummmfrom ZH3Paid
32Insta Gagfrom Sembach H3 Paid
33Dr. NOBfrom WSH3Paid
34But His Nutfrom Sembach H3Paid
35OZfrom Houston HHHPaid
36Matterhornyfrom Manila Mixed HHHPaid
37Saddamfrom Zurich H3Paid
38If the Glove fits cum in it from sembach h3Paid
39Bodylanguagefrom CHFH3Paid
40Ball-and-Chain Sawfrom Zurich H3Paid

Waiting list

41M.C.Pee Pantsfrom Road WhorePaid